WEX Health Expands Mobile Capabilities and Introduces WEX Health Cloud COBRA & Direct Billing Mobile App


June 25, 2018
WEX Health News


Fargo, ND –   WEX Health, a WEX Company and an award-winning healthcare financial technology platform provider, has introduced significant new features and functionality to its WEX Health Cloud platform through its recent June 2018 Release. The updates reflect WEX Health’s continued focus to improve usability and deliver greater value to consumers, employers, and its network of Partners.

Healthcare is quickly becoming a mobile-first business as consumers seek solutions that fit their busy lifestyles: Sixty-five percent of consumers prefer to spend time on native mobile apps over a desktop, according to Comscore. WEX Health—one of the first to hit the market with a mobile app—continues to deliver an award-winning private-labeled mobile solution that drives consumer engagement and efficiency.


The June 2018 release introduces the WEX Health Cloud COBRA & Direct Billing Mobile App, which provides consumers ease of use and quick accessibility to several convenient WEX Health COBRA & Direct Billing features, including: online registration and election, credit/debit card payments, recurring ACH, and one-time checking/savings payments. The app, which uses PIN security, enables consumers to view communications as well as payment history.


“We’re meeting consumers where they are, and that is on their mobile devices,” said Matt Dallahan, senior vice president, strategy and product development at WEX Health. “The innovative updates we’ve made to our mobile apps enable consumers to maximize their health benefit accounts in an efficient way­­—anytime and anywhere.”


Updates to the WEX Health Cloud Mobile App include a user interface refresh, enhanced customization capabilities, a healthcare Eligible Expense Scanner, and access to health savings account (HSA) investment details. With the Eligible Expense Scanner, consumers now can scan a product bar code to determine eligibility as a qualified medical expense. On the HSA front, investment details such as fund activity, balance, rate of return, and related analytics are now readily available.


For administrators, updates to the WEX Health Cloud Administrator Dashboard help them see the state of their CDH account-based business, allowing them to better manage growth, efficiency, and engagement across their organization.


The June 2018 release also includes updates to the WEX Health Cloud Consumer Portal. Consumers are met with a new, dynamic, and interactive home page that features an enhanced message center. Identity verification management (IDV) provides an efficient and secure way for consumers to upload documents and for administrators to view and store highly sensitive information. Additionally, the Healthcare Savings Goal simulates a personalized conversation about the consumer’s plan for healthcare savings.


WEX Health Partners—who connect WEX Health to more than 300,000 employers, ultimately helping the company serve more than 25 million consumers across the United States and Canada—are excited about the June 2018 Release.


“Discovery Benefits is seeing more and more of our millions of participants rely on consumer-driven healthcare (CDH) accounts as part of their health and wealth plan,” said Kelly Hockett, senior vice president of software solutions and systems of Discovery Benefits, a WEX Health partner. “The expanded feature set in the app makes it even easier for these consumers to maximize their benefit dollars anywhere they go.”


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