ATTEND? Your time is limited—and budgets are tight. Given that you have one learning opportunity this year, is this the right conference for you? We believe there IS something for everyone in the world of healthcare technology—from the product experts on the front lines of developing solutions for the management of healthcare benefits, to the savvy marketing professionals charged with marketing those solutions; for the first-in-the-door sales professionals who paint pictures of the possibilities, to those leading their organizations to new levels of efficiency and success—Partner Conference provides you with an experience that inspires, invigorates, energizes and engages. Organizational Leaders attend Partner Conference for: Valuable Networking with Industry Peers Leadership Skills Development Competitive Growth Strategies Product and Strategy Roadmap As business leaders, you’re constantly looking to the future. What opportunities and potential hazards are on the horizon and how can you best prepare your teams? How can you get even greater leverage from your WEX Health partnership? At Partner Conference, you will not only feel inspired by visionary keynotes, engaging networking events, heartfelt recognition programs and direct access to influential leaders from WEX Health and across the industry, but will leave feeling invigorated and equipped with competitive growth strategies to move your business forward in the next year—with WEX Health proudly by your side. Champions of Marketing attend Partner Conference for: Newly Available Marketing Resources Marketing Best Practices Discussions Partner Central Tips and Tricks Competitor Messaging As the healthcare industry grows more complex through regulatory changes and mergers and acquisitions, how can you keep your business at the top of the pack? At Partner Conference, we offer sessions that help you find your competitive edge and best practices on how to leverage it in your 2018 marketing strategies. Dive into Partner Central and the wealth of other marketing resources available to you for FREE as a WEX Health Partner; network with other marketing professionals; and leave the conference feeling refreshed and prepared to tackle your next marketing campaign. Sales Professionals attend Partner Conference for: Essential Networking with Industry Peers and WEX Health Leadership Newest Tips and Best Practices for Demonstrations Market trends Sales Skills Development Partner Conference is the best opportunity to meet other sales professionals in the consumer-directed healthcare industry to stay in-the-know on the messages and approaches that are resonating with your target audience. By hearing perspectives and lessons learned through our integrated panel sessions, you will walk away invigorated with ideas on how to grow your business and exceed your sales goals in 2018 and beyond. Learn from WEX Health experts how to effectively demo your technology solution. Gather best practices that will help you elevate your unique value proposition and better connect with your prospective customers. Product Specialists attend Partner Conference for: Plan Design Ideas Insights into the Product Roadmap Latest info on Rules and Regulations Learning through Hands on Labs and Training As the manager of your product lineup, you know that your solutions need to meet customers’ needs while simplifying your business operations. Partner Conference is the best place to meet with WEX Health product experts in-person, so you can cross off your list of product-related questions. Whether it’s through hands-on product training sessions or the product keynote that maps out the roadmap of functionality, Partner Conference will leave you feeling more of a solution expert than ever before.