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Government Agencies & Departments

Simplifying the business of health care through modular commercial cloud-based solutions for Federal, State and Local governments including Health and Human Services, Medicaid departments, and social programs.

WEX Health partnered with a State-based insurance exchange to improve the accuracy of member billing ensuring that over 80,000 had continuous access to essential coverage

Comprehensive & Modular Solutions For The Public Sector

Advanced Billing & Payments

• Premium and contribution billing
• Online payments
• Single bill for multiple products and family members
• Copayments

Financial Support Services

• Claims exchange
• Data integration
• Payments to providers
• Federal/state reporting portal
• User experience

Benefit Cards

• Mobile
• Multiple purse/stacked benefit
• Consumer engagement
• Non-emergency transportation benefit

Consumer Directed Account Based Plans

• Alternative benefit plans
• Cost sharing models
• HSA like features
• Healthy behavior incentives

How We Help

Simplify at every touchpoint. The commercially-proven, cloud-based WEX Health Cloud streamlines even the most complex billing and financial transaction needs, while providing an easy-to-use platform to citizens.

  • WEX Health out-invests its competition by a factor of three to ensure the user experience and mobile technology encourages members to engage with their healthcare spending.
  • WEX Health Partners retain 96% of their customers.
  • WEX Health ensures scalability, processing more than 250 million transactions annually for 24 million consumers and powering more than 225,00 employer groups.

No new infrastructure required. WEX Health Cloud can be integrated into existing core systems, and is flexible enough to meet any functional, administrative, or branding needs.

  • Advanced integration connects various data points like consumer data exchange, claims exchange, consumer claims sync, and pay-the-provider capabilities.
  • WEX Health solutions can be easily configured to process claims and payments according to a series of interdependent plan rules.
  • Allows for multiple—or “stacked”—accounts on a single card.
  • WEX Health solutions support more than 1,200 plan designs for HRA and HSA plans, as well as health FSA, VEBA, dependent care, wellness, and transportation accounts that can be fully integrated with custodial banking services.

Protecting your data and your citizens is our number one priority. WEX Health Cloud comes with world-class security measures built in, including industry leading compliance, certification, and fraud controls.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with world class security, compliance, and fraud protection, plus 99.99% uptime.
  • WEX Health’s proven security features and ongoing diligence protect data while meeting compliance regulations and fraud protection standards, and maintaining strict compliance with ever-changing regulations.


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