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At WEX Health, we do more than simply provide a technology platform—we invest in your business and your future success. With the WEX Health Cloud, Health Plans can create efficiencies and cost savings on a single platform, while strengthening engagements with their members with a seamless multi-channel user experience.

Whether developing new features, creating personalized growth strategies, or engineering technically flawless and engaging consumer experiences, no one is more dedicated to helping health plans succeed in the world of healthcare consumerism.

Flexible & Fully Integrated Into Core Medical Platforms

No new infrastructure required. WEX Health Cloud can be integrated into your existing core medical systems, and is flexible enough to meet any functional, administrative, or branding needs. WEX Health solutions support more than 1,200 plan designs for HRA and HSA plans, as well as health FSA, VEBA, dependent care, wellness, and transportation accounts that can be fully integrated with custodial banking services. Watch this quick video to learn more about WEX Health solutions.

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How We Help

Strengthen Engagement with a Seamless Multi-Channel User Experience

Our easy-to-use solution gives members real-time visibility and control over their holistic consumer-driven accounts-including COBRA-via our mobile app, portals and platforms.

  • WEX Health Cloud offers several ways for account holders to use and manage their accounts, with features like multi-purse debit cards, mobile apps, automated provider payments, wellness/lifestyle programs and 24×7 access to account information.
  • WEX Health powers 80% of HSA mobile apps and serves 9 of the top 20 HSA providers in the US.
  • In the last two years, unique consumer account access (portal and mobile) increased 67%, driving efficiencies and essentially saving millions of calls to service centers.

Create Efficiencies & Cost Savings on a Single Platform

WEX Health Cloud consolidates multiple types of accounts on one centralized platform, so you can better meet employer group needs while creating new efficiencies and cost savings.

Keep the spotlight on your brand. Our private-labeled solution means you can offer a seamless, on-brand experience that integrates with your current member portal.

  • Leverage years of industry and administrative expertise to provide best-in-class promotional tools, products and service.
  • Our private-labeled solution allows for easy branding and less confusion in their marketplace.

Complete Ownership & Control of The Product

  • Enjoy peace of mind with world class security, compliance, and fraud protection, plus 99.99% uptime.
  • WEX Health’s proven security features and ongoing diligence protect data while meeting compliance regulations and fraud protection standards, and maintaining strict compliance with ever-changing regulations.

“When we look at customer engagement, WEX Health is leading the way in partnering with us in order to put new technologies right in members hands.”

– Derrick Fickling, BCBS of South Carolina (4/6/2016)


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