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Grow, Engage and Retain business with the WEX Health Cloud. At WEX Health, we do more than simply provide a technology platform—we invest in your business and your future success. With the WEX Health Cloud, Payroll companies can create efficiencies and cost savings on a single platform, while strengthening engagements with their clients with a seamless multi-channel user experience.

Payroll Companies Get Everything They Need

With WEX Health and our Partner ecosystem, Payroll companies get everything they need to custom-tailor the perfect healthcare benefit administration solution that suits your business model, consolidates your consumer-directed health (CDH) accounts, and increase growth in an ever-changing market. Watch this video to see how you can consolidate and own your HSA, HRA, FSA, and COBRA accounts – it’s easier than you think and creates an additional revenue stream.

How We Help

Vested Interest in Creating New Revenue Streams

Our business model relies on your (and your clients’) growth, which is why we’re constantly developing new technologies and features to increase engagement, improve the user experience, and attract new employees.

  • 25% of WEX Health Partners experience consistent growth year-over-year.
  • Drive overall account stickiness via mobile account management, which makes it easy for customers to make deposits wherever and whenever they want.

No New Infrastructure Required

WEX Health Cloud can be integrated into your clients’ existing core systems, and is flexible enough to meet any functional, administrative, or branding needs.

  • WEX Health Cloud is designed to be flexible, providing multiple integration options for each step of the employee and employer lifecycles.
  • Our advanced integration connect various data points like consumer data exchange, claims exchange, consumer claims sync, and pay-the-provider capabilities.
  • WEX Health solutions can be easily configured to process claims and payments according to a series of interdependent plan rules and to allow for multiple—or “stacked”—accounts on a single card.
  • WEX Health solutions support more than 1,200 plan designs for HRA and HSA plans, as well as health FSA, VEBA, dependent care, wellness, and transportation accounts that can be fully integrated with custodial banking services.

Create Efficiencies & Cost Savings

WEX Health Cloud consolidates multiple types of accounts on one centralized platform, so you can better meet employer group needs while creating new efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Automated funding and contribution management, sophisticated claim auto-adjudication and payment processing.
  • Improve reporting capabilities with flexible unlimited options—from notifications, to standard reports, to comprehensive ad-hoc reporting tailored to meet your needs.
  • Robust fee calculation, billing statement and fee funding management.
  • The employer self-management portal provides real-time access to reporting and notifications.


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