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No matter how complex your clients’ businesses are, you can be confident WEX Health can handle it thanks to our ongoing investment in technology and our proven record of success. WEX Health Cloud can be integrated into your clients’ existing core systems, and is flexible enough to meet any functional, administrative, or branding needs.

Grow, Engage & Retain Business

With WEX Health and our Partner ecosystem, you get everything you need to custom-tailor the perfect healthcare benefit administration solution to suit your business model, consolidate your consumer-directed health (CDH) accounts, and grow in an ever-changing market. Watch this video to see how you can consolidate and own your HSA, HRA, FSA, and COBRA accounts – it’s easier than you think and creates an additional revenue stream.

How We Help

One Logo. One Invoice. Unlimited Product Choice.

Our Advanced Billing and Payments solution dramatically decreases administrative time and cost, while allowing you to offer unlimited product choice (multiple health plan and ancillary 3rd party products) to both employer groups and individual members. All under one logo, with one invoice.

  • Creates one, consolidated monthly invoice for all products for your employer groups on an easy to read, private-labeled premium invoice.
  • Dramatically decrease administrative time and cost by managing the preview of invoice and reconciliation challenges before your employers and/or individuals are invoiced.
  • Advanced payment and leading auto-substantiation technologies for streamlined payment and billing processes.
  • Accepts and streamlines payments of all types: paper checks through mail, credit card payments, Electronic funds transfer.

Strengthen Engagement with a Seamless Multi-Channel User Experience

Our easy-to-use solution gives employees real-time visibility and control over their consumer driven accounts— including COBRA—via our mobile app, portals and platforms.

  • WEX Health Cloud offers many ways for account holders to use and manage their accounts with features like multi-purse debit cards, mobile apps, automated provider payments, wellness/lifestyle programs, and 24×7 access to account information.
  • WEX Health powers 80% of HSA mobile apps and serves 9 of the top 20 HSA providers in the US.

Create Efficiencies & Cost Savings

WEX Health Cloud consolidates multiple types of accounts on one centralized platform, so you can better meet employer group needs while creating new efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Automated funding and contribution management, sophisticated claim auto-adjudication and payment processing.
  • Improve reporting capabilities with flexible unlimited options—from notifications, to standard reports, to comprehensive ad-hoc reporting tailored to meet your needs.
  • Easy client setup.
  • Robust fee calculation, billing statement and fee funding management.
  • The employer self-management portal provides real-time access to reporting and notifications.


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