Advanced Billing & Payments

A secure cloud-based premium billing and payment system designed to address the complex reconciliation, compliance, data, and consolidated billing challenges unique to carriers, governments, and health plans. This secure and scalable solution serves as a central billing system of record with integrated payment and mail services. WEX Health Cloud delivers easy-to-read consolidated premium invoices with online self-service employer and member portals–for an improved user experience and enhanced access to health benefits for millions of Americans.

See How It Works  

Easy Consolidated
Premium Billing

Stay competitive and offer a variety of products delivered through ONE easy-to-read bill for individual or group premiums.

Consumer &
Employer Portals

Single Sign On portals provide always-on, 24/7 access to health benefits with world-class network and server support.

Integrated Payment Acceptance

Accelerate cash flow, apply payment policies, and minimize exceptions with online payments and proprietary lockbox.

Intelligent Premium Remittance

Remittance processing that cleanly and precisely accounts for changes in premium amounts and payments.

An Integrated System

Advanced Billing and Payments with WEX Health Cloud is designed to address your needs and improve the healthcare billing and payment experience. The solution is built to make invoicing easier to understand and put an end to labor-intensive manual processes. Paying for benefits is easier and more intuitive for consumers, no matter how many products or dependents they are purchasing benefits for.

Enhance Compliance, Add Revenue,
& Streamline Data

  • Consolidated individual and group premium billing
  • On/Off exchange billing services
  • Removes employer reconciliation headaches
  • 3rd party aggregated billing
  • Optimized exception item payment processing
  • ePayment and paper payments acceptance
  • Payment post mark date/grace period adjuducation
  • Generation of HIPAA 834 and 820 files
  • Posted and adjusted premium remittance
  • Custodial cash management model Partial and full payments
  • Full import and export functionality
  • Member-level call center support

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