Financial Management

WEX Health Cloud provides compliant, reliable financial management support.

WEX Health Cloud is an enterprise class, premium billing and payment solution for full scope projects or seamless integration with existing enrollment platforms.

  • Ease the administrative burden through ONE central system of record that tightly integrates enrollment, invoicing, payment processing and remittance.
  • Stay competitive and offer unlimited choice with easy-to-read invoicing that streamlines and consolidates premiums for multiple plans and products (Group or Individual Members.)
  • Provide flexible payment options for credit, debit, or recurring ACH PLUS paper-based payment processing.
  • Deliver a multi-account stackable prepaid debit card for approved healthcare expenses (which can be co-branded or private-labeled by Partners.)
  • Apply payment rules to accommodate COBRA compliance, retiree and part-time employee programs, APTC, subsidy payments, special enrollment periods, grace periods, and more.
  • Transparently communicate with all users (administrators, brokers, employers, and members) with always-on web portals.
  • Easily accommodate unplanned Member change of circumstances (during and beyond Open Enrollment.)
  • Reduce overhead and accelerate cash flow with mail and payment processing that minimizes payment exception errors.
  • Leverage a fully integrated Custodial Cash solution with a proprietary lockbox for clean and precise remittance to plan and product vendors.

Specialties That Drive Efficiency

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