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Eliminate Service Calls Through Seamless Consumer Solutions

Employees expect a healthcare benefits solution that works with them, not against them. They need a healthcare benefits solution that makes things easier, not harder. So do you. They – and you – need the WEX Health Cloud Mobile App. With the app, they can view, budget, plan, analyze, and manage their healthcare-related accounts and expenses, which means fewer calls and questions for you and the HR team. Give your employees what they need – and want.

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Inventory Information Approval Systems

Administrators can also take advantage of the Inventory Information Approval Systems (IIAS) that make using benefit cards easier than ever in pharmacies, discount stores, department stores and supermarkets. To assure compliance with IRS regulations, WEX Health Payment Cards offer the maximum electronic substantiation capabilities to reduce the amount of paper used. We complement the IIAS capability by providing an additional level of substantiation to ensure that the eligible expense is within the approved plan design. The result: up to 95% of all transactions don’t need receipt follow-up.

Inventory Information Approval Systems
WEX Health Cloud COBRA & Direct Billing

COBRA & Direct Billing

WEX Health Cloud’s COBRA and Premium Billing provides a secure, dedicated database to each administrator. Within each administrator’s private ecosystem, an unlimited number of clients and members are united through the platform. Users receive real-time access to benefits and members can easily manage their account information, correspondence, and pay premiums with online credit, debit, and ACH payment options.

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WEX Health Cloud Smartview

Powerful query capabilities at your fingertips that create key opportunities for you to dig in and analyze data and provide your clients with meaningful insights. Smartview is an addition to Administrator Portal Analytics that provides analysis and business insight through simple, dynamic data queries in WEX Health Cloud. You can create customized, reusable views of your data quickly and easily without learning the underlying data structure needed to build reports. You can meet operational and strategic reporting needs with these data query capabilities:

  • Use predefined data views.
  • Define, share and export customized data views.
WEX Health Cloud SmartView
WEX Health Cloud Brand Customization

Brand Customization

Customization Capabilities for Cohesive Brand; Customization without Development. WEX Health Cloud allows you to easily customize the solutions under your client’s brand for a consistent user experience. Increase client loyalty by controlling the branding, messages and consumer experience of your offering

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  • The Employer and Consumer portals are branded with the client and broker logos
  • Color options available to match your brand; Easily apply your unique identity to private label the solution for your clients
  • Custom images, buttons, links, and messages
  • Custom colors for all areas of portal
  • Customize announcements with hero banners on homepage and personalized portal text, notification text, emails, forms, and plan descriptions

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