WEX Health Cloud For Consumers

For Consumers

We Take the Yawn out of Healthcare Benefits. Really.

WEX Health Cloud for Mobile

WEX Health Cloud Mobile App

You need a healthcare benefits solution that works with you, not against you. You need a healthcare benefits solution that makes things easier, not harder. You need the WEX Health Cloud Mobile App. With the app, you can view, budget, plan, analyze, and manage your healthcare-related accounts and expenses. Snap a photo of a receipt and submit it as a new claim or add it to an existing claim. It’s that easy. And that’s just the beginning. Click on the Mobile App below to explore more ways that the WEX Health Cloud Mobile App can help you to simplify your healthcare!

 See what you can do with the Mobile App

  • Check available balances
  • Access account details
  • View HSA transaction details
  • Use Quick View to obtain key account info
  • Check claims requiring receipts
  • Submit claims for medical & dependent care FSA, HRA, transit/parking, premium reimbursement plans
  • Submit receipts using a camera/photo
  • Enter & view expense info via Expense Tracker
  • Report a debit card as lost or stolen
  • Click to call/email Customer Service
  • Make HSA contributions/distributions
  • Perform online bill-pay from any account

The WEX Health Payment Card

Allows you to simply swipe your card and the funds are automatically deducted from the applicable benefit account for payment. The best part? Convenience and improved cash flow.

WEX Health Card
WEX Health Cloud Consumer Dashboard

Consumer Dashboard

We get it: You want to take a more active role in your healthcare decision making. The WEX Health Cloud Consumer Dashboard provides a centralized view of all healthcare activity across all of your healthcare accounts.

The Dashboard provides an aggregate view of all claims, debit card transactions, distributions and healthcare expenses. It is easy to see payment status or to request payments for unpaid expenses – all from within the Dashboard. With the Consumer Dashboard, managing and budgeting for your healthcare expenses has never been easier!

 See what you can do with the Dashboard

  • Unlock insurance claim data
  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Reduce manual receipt submission
  • Wisely manage your healthcare spending
  • Displays all healthcare claims, debit card transactions, and expenses.
  • Initiate payments for expenses including reimbursements, pay the provider, and bill pay.
  • See all paid claims, paid debit card transactions, paid expenses, and confirmed HSA distributions.
  • View expenses by category, individual or provider and better plan for future needs.
  • Link Payments to Expenses

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