WEX SPARK Health 2019
May 6-8
Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Miami Beach, Florida

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Inspiring | Leading | Innovative

Mark your calendar for WEX SPARK Health 2019, May 6 – 8. This annual industry-leading event sparks ideas and discussion and serves as a catalyst for motivation and action. Formerly known as Partner Conference, this premier event for simplifying the business of healthcare brings together industry experts, leading Partners, and WEX Health executives and team members to network, learn, grow, and strategize with insight that can expand your mind—and your business.

The connections and wisdom you gather at SPARK 2019 will help you build your professional and personal portfolio and have both an immediate and far-reaching impact on how you view the future of healthcare. Through engaging sessions, inspiring keynotes, and meaningful dialogue, you will explore the solutions that help make administering healthcare benefit accounts simpler, more effective, and more efficient.

Legendary | Iconic | Landmark

As one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels on Miami Beach, Fontainebleau provides a gateway to endless possibilities—a complete destination as we delve into the world of consumer-driven healthcare. The venue—where entertainment industry legends have and still do line the hallways—blends Miami’s glamorous era with stylish modern luxury. We are thrilled to call Fontainebleau home to SPARK 2019, and we look forward to our WEX Health community coming together and creating its own place in history. Register for SPARK 2019 today!

Mel Robbins

Achieve Breakthrough Performance in Your Career & Life

Mel Robbins to Deliver Transformative Message at SPARK 2019

Her digital platform inspires more than 20 million people a month with transformative videos, articles, positive psychology research, and inspiring content. Mel Robbins’s latest book, The 5 Second Rule, has been translated into 29 languages, was last year’s #1 audiobook in the world, and is one of the top five most read books on Amazon. Learn more.