Get your infusion of knowledge and insight.

Why attend SPARK 2019?

WEX SPARK Health 2019—the premier event for simplifying the business of healthcare—brings together leading healthcare and technology minds to network, learn, grow, and strategize to better propel their businesses to higher levels of efficiency and success.

It’s through the trifecta of proven conference elements—keynotes, concurrent sessions, and networking—infused with WEX Health knowledge and insight and combined with the committed and vibrant WEX Health Partner community that results in an experience like none other. Add in the sparkle and glimmer of Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and we have something incredibly special that we want YOU to be a part of.

Key elements of SPARK 2019 include:

Keynotes offer learning experiences that go beyond office walls and help grow industry and WEX Health solution knowledge. From the big stage come the big ideas from the big names.

Concurrent sessions offer a variety of learning styles that deliver information-packed presentations. Hosted by executives and industry and subject matter experts, concurrent sessions help build your skills and sharpen your focus. Whether through Learning Labs, group discussions, or product-specific demonstrations, you will reap the most benefits by your active participation.

Networking shows up in several ways at SPARK 2019 and is designed to help you make important and meaningful connections. Exercise your body and mind and find common ground with other attendees via our golf, yoga, or fun run activities. Inspiring stories of growth, achievement, and gratitude make the annual Partner Awards Dinner and Program a must-attend event. Activities and events from our Sponsors help you discover how to extend your offerings and possibilities. Our Partner Celebration is exactly that: a celebration of our Partner community and all we’ve accomplished together.

What's new in 2019?

The sun, the beach, the cuisine, the vibe: Those are only a few reasons why we’re so excited to host WEX SPARK Health 2019 at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Add to the mix our new brand and new event activities that will rejuvenate and energize your personal and professional growth, and, well…We. Are. Excited! SPARK 2019 is the event in the consumer-driven healthcare (CDH) industry. Here are some of the new things waiting for you at SPARK 2019:

WEX SPARK Health 2019 logo
New Brand, New Name

Our annual event, formerly known as Partner Conference, sparks thoughts and discussions; it inspires and serves as a catalyst for action. WEX SPARK Health 2019 is the official start of SPARK, our new event brand. Our annual Partner gathering is the same event it’s always been, only better.

WEX Health day
Intro to WEX Health Day

New to SPARK 2019 is an afternoon of sessions designed for those Partners who are new to the WEX Health family. Monday’s “Intro to WEX Health” roster of sessions will provide a great foundation for the conference and ensure that our newbies gain the base of terminology, industry info, and knowledge to successfully navigate SPARK 2019. Even conference veterans will pick up something new. Make plans to join us!

Tech one on one to help you succeed
Tech 1:1

Tech 1:1 meetings offer the opportunity to meet one-on-one with our WEX Health product and technology specialists. Learn how to customize WEX Health Cloud to your clients’ specific needs, work through set-up challenges, or take a deep-dive on product functionality. Take advantage of these unique face-to-face discussions and walk away with greater confidence in your solution offerings. Pre-requisite work is required to ensure that your time is productive—stay tuned for details.

SPARK starter group learning
SPARK Starters

SPARK Starters invite you to be part of the conversation as we bring interested Partners together to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges facing WEX Health Partners. Part learning, part networking, these sessions will provide the format for new connections as well as an engaging and stimulating exchange of ideas.

first timers reception gathering of people
First-Timers’ Reception

If this is the first time you’ve joined us for our annual gathering, attend this get-acquainted mixer on Monday evening. You’ll meet other first-timers as well as people who will help make your conference experience a successful one.

welcome gathering
Welcome Reception

Kick off SPARK 2019 Monday night by meeting and greeting friends old and new. Enjoy appetizers and refreshments as you mix and mingle.

Sponsors talking to Partner
Sponsor Neighborhoods

SPARK 2019 happens because of our trusted and valued Sponsors, and we want you to get to know them better. Located in the main gathering area of the convention space, Sponsor Neighborhoods—which are more about building relationships and less about demos and presentations—provide a space for having casual conversations, sharing information, and creating greater connections.

Who Should Attend?

WEX Health Partners tell us that to be successful, they need a better understanding of the competitive landscape as well as a knowledge of what others are doing in the marketplace. They want to dig into solutions, discover the latest innovations, discuss industry trends, and determine business needs. And that’s exactly what happens at SPARK 2019.

From the product experts on the frontlines of developing solutions to the savvy marketing professionals charged with promoting those solutions to the sales professionals who share the vision of what could be to those leading their organizations to new levels of efficiency and success, SPARK 2019 inspires, invigorates, energizes, and engages. This year, more than ever before, there is something for everyone in your organization.

Management and Administration personnel can spend valuable in-person time reviewing your business and planning for growth with your WEX Health account management team. SPARK 2019 is an opportune time to connect with WEX Health executives and other industry leaders to guide the direction of your blueprint for growth and success.

Delegates from the heartbeat of your organization—those on the frontlines of benefits administration and customer service and support—will gain valuable insight into specific product details, including new features, as well as a view into what’s planned on the roadmap. Those focused on the Operations side of things can engage in Learning Labs that give them skills and materials they can use immediately to boost operational efficiency. They’ll gather best practices for implementing and using WEX Health Cloud and further understand the solution’s robustness so they can better identify the right offering for your clients.

Sales and Marketing professionals, including those serving in product management, business development, and account management roles, will learn the latest best practices, resources, and tools available to develop and sustain growth strategies. They’ll gather tips and tricks for developing demo scenarios and environments that will inspire and wow your prospects. And they’ll gain a better understanding of the value-add consulting services available to assist you during the sales process.

Technology experts—specifically those serving in IT, infrastructure, and development roles—will be surrounded by industry experts as they study the latest in platform strategy and gain insight into the leading-edge fraud and security benefits offered. The technical wizards of your organization can revel in advanced product details and technologies, including new features, tips and tricks, best practices, and more.

In your business, it takes a team approach to meet your customers’ needs. Management and Administration, Operations, Sales and Marketing, and Technology need to work together to deliver the solutions that matter most to your customers. WEX Health embraces the team approach and delivers the skill-building, knowledge-enhancing, and confidence-forming content and sessions to benefit your entire team and ultimately your entire organization.