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Session Overview

No matter what your learning style is, WEX SPARK Health 2019 has you covered! Our team of WEX Health subject matter experts is poised to deliver and discuss the challenges, opportunities, and solutions that matter most to you. With a variety of session types, you’re sure to find the insight and information you need.


When the WEX Health community comes together, an infectious buzz of energy is created. When SPARK 2019 attendees gather for keynotes, that energy is seen, felt, and heard as insights, ideas, and visions are revealed. In the Opening Keynote on Tuesday, attendees gain valuable perspective from WEX Health leadership about market opportunities and how our product, sales, marketing and service strategies can help Partners capture them. We’ll then spend time on personal growth with our Motivational Keynote featuring best-selling author and internationally recognized social media influencer, Mel Robbins, who can help us live our best life.

We’ll gather again on Wednesday for a new-to-us presentation style which is sure to be entertaining and thought-provoking. You won’t want to miss the grand finale and crowd-pleasing Product Keynote. Be sure to get your daily energy and insight boosts by joining the collective community in our SPARK 2019 Keynotes.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions provide valuable opportunities to drill down into a wide range of topics on new WEX Health solutions capabilities, sales programs and resources, features and functionality, industry trends, and best practices. Breakout Sessions are in-depth and feature a mix of learning styles including instruction, demonstration, and dialogue.

Spotlight Sessions

Fine-tune your WEX Health focus in 30-minute Spotlight Sessions. These high-energy sessions provide concise demonstrations of new features, programs, or offerings and include time for Q&A. You’ll gather just enough information to be informed—or you’ll leave wanting more. Many of the Spotlight Sessions serve as an introduction to more detailed Breakout Sessions on the same topic.

Learning Labs

Join expert trainers and platform gurus for a series of sessions designed to use collaboration, experiential learning, and user-centered coursework to help you increase your expertise about WEX Health Cloud and WEX Health COBRA & Direct Billing’s features and solutions. These 30, 60 or 75-minute learning experiences will integrate research and innovation and show you how to apply what you've learned to your day-to-day work.

Panel Discussions

One of the best ways to spark ideas is to compare notes with peers. During Panel Discussions, you will have the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of industry experts, influencers, and fellow Partners. You’ll meet others who share your interests, challenges, and opportunities. Part learning, part networking: You won’t want to miss these compelling conversations and industry connections!

SPARK Starters

Be a part of the conversation! SPARK Starters provide the opportunity to join with other interested Partners as we discuss the latest topics and challenges you face as Partners. A WEX Health moderator will guide the conversation so that a desired outcome is identified and achieved. SPARK Starters may encompass standalone topics or may follow a breakout topic so that you can learn about it (in the Breakout) and then talk about it (in the SPARK Starter). Plan to participate in one or more sessions to help spark ideas for your business!