Time to get face-to-face.

Tech 1:1 Meetings

One of our new initiatives this year is Tech 1:1 Meetings. Partners who have specific questions, running the spectrum from security and fraud to WEX Health Analytics, can request a private Tech 1:1 Meeting with a WEX Health subject matter expert.

Tech 1:1 Meetings are designed to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. The first step for interested parties is to complete the Tech 1:1 Request Form, which helps you specify and provide details on the topic you wish to discuss. Once submitted, this Tech 1:1 request is then triaged against our available experts and a confirming meeting request will be issued. Set up in half hour increments on May 7 or May 8, participants will walk away with increased understanding of the issues of interest.

WEX SPARK Health 2019 Tech 1:1
Meeting Request form